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Welcome to Chocolado, where small batch chocolate is made from scratch.

Our philosophy at Chocolado, is to undoubtedly source the highest quality beans from child labour free & ethically sourced origins.

We support higher farm gate pricing for our farmers and growers and by doing so, it enables farmers to negotiate their own price with the objective to decommoditise the cacao industry, and allow for more transparency in the sector.

Our batches are produced in small quantities to preserve its handmade quality and to maintain the traditional craft of chocolate making.

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Our cacao beans are slowly transformed into chocolate using traditional manual techniques, which preserve the intended taste and health benefits of cacao.
The result… dark, plant based and delicious.

The Craft

Each cacao origin offers their own complex sensory experience and individuality. They are characterised by their distinctive flavour profile, aromas and textures. The craft Is a long and arduous process, undeniably well worth the effort.

Sorting by hand

Our beans arrive in in grainpro and hessian bags. The beans are hand sorted in order to separate the usable bean from the from the cracked, broken or flat bean.

The Roast

Our beans are expertly roasted to perfection. The bean origin and terroir will determine the correct roasting method and temperature. A light roast will bring out fruitier notes, whereas a deep, dark roast often lends a nutty flavour. This is what separates Chocolate Makers from commercially made chocolate, and generally, it is at the discretion of the chocolate makers taste and objective

Crack and Winnow

The beans are then put through a cracker and winnower to separate the nibs (the part used to make chocolate) from the outer husk.

Pre- Refine and Refine

The nibs are then prepared to reduce their particle size before slowly adding them to the refiner. Additionally, organic raw sugar and a small quantity of organic cocoa butter is added.


When the desired flavour is achieved, the chocolate is additionally conched to mix, agitate and aerate the chocolate. The purpose of the conching process is to further develop the flavour.

Put to sleep

Much like cheese and wine, the chocolate is then put to sleep for many months, to further improve the flavour. As the chocolate ages, the release of flavours is also affected.


The chocolate is tempered to enable shelf stability, shine and superior snap. The tempering process alternates between increasing and decreasing the temperature of the chocolate, with the intention of achieving stable crystal formation.

Small Batch from Scratch!

Our beans are expertly selected, roasted according to their origin and refined using a slow grind for between 3-5 days. Please visit our products page to learn more about our Origins and offerings.

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